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About Clearvision Eye Clinic & LASIK Surgery Centre

Clearvision Eye Clinic & LASIK Centre was established in 2001 by Dr. Tony Ho as a private, dedicated LASIK centres in Singapore. The centre mainly focused on offering the main laser vision correction procedure known as the cut-and-flap LASIK.

Due to the benefits of epiLASIK, Clearvision started specializing only in epiLASIK since 2009 and stopped doing the cut-and-flap LASIK altogether. At Clearvision today, we now specialize in the modern, surface-based SafeSight TransPRK (Transepithelial PhotoRefractive Keratectomy) with the Schwind Amaris 1050RS excimer laser technology. With SafeSight TransPRK the Schwind Amaris 1050RS laser gently vaporizes the outermost epithelial cells and goes on to ablate cornea tissue seamlessly to correct your myopia, astigmatism and presbyopia.

Clearvision has been helping our patients see clearly, safely for more than 15 years now.